AI as public infrastructure

What is public AI?

  • Public AI is built by the public sector: ensuring AI capacity is not limited to Big Tech.
  • Public AI is accessible: ensuring AI delivers benefits to all.
  • Public AI is accountable: ensuring AI reflects society’s values.
  • Public AI is being designed and built right now - all around the world.

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Why do we need public AI?

  • Limited public capacity in AI is stifling our collective capacity to shape the direction of society.
  • AI is becoming essential infrastructure, like roads and water pipelines - fitting for the public sector.
  • AI systems are growing in power and should reflect society’s values, not the values of shareholders.
  • Private companies have a head start - without investment in public capacity now, the gap will grow.

Who we are

The Public AI Network is a coalition working to bring about public AI. Our aims are to:

  • Ensure public capacity-building is part of the conversation about AI design, policy, and funding
  • Make it easier to build public AI by coordinating research efforts in the ML community
  • Support policymakers and technical teams seeking to implement public AI

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Getting involved

Public AI is a public, collaborative effort.


To be scheduled: technical meeting at MIT in 2024, governmental meeting at Library of Congress in 2024.


A wide range of people have contributed ideas and time to the coalition to promote and build public AI. We gratefully acknowledge operational support by Metagov, Aspen Digital, Open Future, Public Knowledge, Code for Science and Society, and Chatham House.


The work in this repository is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.